The Game of nDm - Downloads

Download the latest version of the game, or just the latest help, sound or program files, right here ...

To install, just download the Full zip file and unzip into a folder, then run the program (nDm.exe). No registry entries are made - there's just an INI file to hold settings.

To change the sounds played by various event, just replace the supplied sound file and give the new file the same name. To stop one of the sounds being played, delete the sound file for that particular event.
File to download Size Downloads to date What version and date is it?

Full nDm zip

866435 bytes 41 Build
Dated 26th February 2005

nDm help files only

20010 bytes 22 New structure!
Build onwards
Dated 26th February 2005

nDm sound files only

387951 bytes 22 Dated 3rd June 2004

nDm program only

457327 bytes 23 Build
Dated 12th July 2004

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