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The Game of nDm - Development History

Date Version Description
12 Jul 04
  • Change the help to compiled HTML help and added to it.
  • Added a few more views.
  • Reverse the direction of the fifth dimension, so it goes from the bottom of the display upwards.
  • Add help menu options to go to the nDm home and download pages.
  • Allow any keypress to close the game over window.
3 Jun 04
  • Stop sound currently playing if sound turned off.
  • Add menu options and keyboard shortcuts for selecting the next, previous and default views.
  • Make a small fix to the computer player logic.
  • Hopefully fix the sizing problems with Windows XP and the setup forms.
3 Jun 04
  • Add sounds for certain events, using wave files. To change the sounds, replace the files with others or delete them for no sound.
  • Add a switch to turn sounds on or off.
1 Jun 04
  • Fix a thread timing error on close.
  • Add a cursor image for the next turn to the ends of the player name bar, to compensate for the lack of cursors displayed by Win98.
  • When a game is not underway, display the normal piece for each player at the ends of the bar.
  • Swap the order of the cursors displayed for the next turns, for player two.
    This version was not released on the internet.
30 May 04
  • Develop the basic AI for computer players. First stage is level 0 (evenly random between all choices) - already done in; second is level 1 (look for direct winning moves, otherwise random); third is level 2-4 (look for winning moves, otherwise simple ranking on a score, with different levels of "cleverness" to partly randomise the choice); fourth is looking for indirect winning moves. The scoring system has a static logic.
  • Allow Escape key to close the game-over window.
  • Make more views available in 4 and 5 dimensions.
30 Apr 04
  • Hide the extended grid when playing a progressive game and the final move before extending the grid is being displayed. Display the resized grid and resize the window after the move has been displayed.
29 Apr 04
  • Remember the position of the game-over window.
  • Make sure only a circle is displayed, as Win 98 doesn't make the outer area transparent as on Win 2K.
  • Show the winner at the end of each game, instead of whether the last player won or lost.
27 Apr 04
  • Add message logging for debugging.
  • Add error trap when creating cursors.
  • Adjust verticle alignment when starting a game.
  • Make all completed lines blink at the end of a game, until either Stop Game or Start Game is clicked/keyed.
  • Start game menu option is disabled while playing a game.
  • Pause and Unpause menu options added - only one is visible at a time.
18 Apr 04
  • Fix a couple of bugs in the use of views.
15 Apr 04
  • Improve the display of game end results.
  • Put a small logo on the left hand end of the status bar.
  • Add a second icon to the executable.
13 Apr 04
  • Fix a timing bug when the grid is extended just before a computer generated move.
  • Adjust the window width to display player names in full and centre the grid if that results in extra width.
  • Leave the game and player setup windows viewable but deactivated during a game.
120 hours to here!
02 Apr 04
  • Use a separate thread to control games to allow blinking display and automatic move delays to work without blocking each other.
  • Use a different cursor when paused.
  • Tidy up setup form behaviour, particularly the Accept button.
  • Use a common base form for both setup forms.
  • Check for completed lines being broken after an undo move, or being (re)made after a removing move is undone.
19 Mar 04
  • Change part of the code structure to allow computer player code to see the board.
  • Develop the level 0 computer player - random moves only.
  • Add minimum delay for automatic moves.
  • Add the ability to pause a game.
  • Scroll the window if the next played piece is not going to be fully visible.
  • Add blinking for the display of a move and try to tie in with the computer player delay, unsuccessfully.
    This version was not released.
12 Mar 04
  • Fix a memory leak in the player setup from.
  • Fix the selection of player details tabsheets for the player type.
11 Mar 04
  • Load and save player information from/to the ini file.
  • Add a bar at the bottom to show the player names.
  • Add a player setup screen for user to select an existing player or create a new one.
  • Load and save last players to play.
01 Mar 04
  • Change the playing logic, to allow computer players to be used.
  • Fix the placement of the board when default margins are too small for the minimum form dimensions.
  • Fix the reading of the progressive switch from the ini file.
  • Modify the game setup screen so that clicking on a value label sets that switch to that value.
29 Feb 04
  • Fix a bug in starting a subsequent progressive game after extending the board.
02 Feb 04
  • Change game parameters to use four booleans and a 3-value enum to define the game type.
  • Add game setup screen with form position.
  • Extend help file.
11 Dec 03
  • Add help file.
09 Dec 03
  • Add config to save and restore settings.
  • Add N, M, game type and progressive flag to config.
  • Change window title to game type.
  • Test colours for closeness to see if borders needed.
  • Add undo capability.
30 Nov 03
  • Add test for all completed lines through a cell.
  • Also check for a draw when grid is full.
  • Respond to win or lose or draw of game.
  • Make board larger and straight if 2-dimensional.
  • Games can now be played.
  • Create separate project for distributable version.
  • Add progressive game option.
    ALPHA version.
22 Nov 03
  • Add cursor changes for each turn.
  • Add next two turns displayed on the status bar.
  • Fix some bugs in the cursor generation, and in the IsMoveAllowed test for removing blocks.
31 Aug 03
  • Add choice of views.
  • Status bar possibly added here.
  • MemCheck added later and a leak was plugged.
16 Aug 03
  • Initial version started.
  • Board, game and display board structures designed.
  • Dummy structures set up for teams and players.
  • Some menu options set up.
  • Displays a board with choice of n and m and game type.
  • Ability to start and stop a game, and play pieces.
  • No testing for end of game.

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